Process - Moments Unleashed by Sherri Krams Photography

Moments Unleashed by Sherri Krams Photography Moments Unleashed by Sherri Krams Photography

The Process

Let's Connect

The first step in our journey together is to have a conversation where we can connect and understand your specific goals. During this complimentary consultation, we'll discuss your pet and what makes them so special to you. This conversation will help us develop a strategy for our work together, ensuring that we create a customized and unique photo shoot that aligns with your vision and captures the essence of your furry friend. Whether you want to showcase their playful nature, their unique personality, or their special bond with you, we'll work together to achieve your goals in a fun and enjoyable way. So let's connect, discuss, and create beautiful memories of your beloved pet!

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The Photoshoot

My favorite part! When we first meet, I'll take the time to get to know your dog and understand their personality and preferences. This will help me create a connection and build trust, so that they feel at ease in front of the camera. We'll spend some time playing, walking, and engaging in fun interactions to create a fun, relaxed and natural environment where your pet can be themself and shine.

During our photoshoot, I'll be constantly observing and looking for those genuine and spontaneous moments that showcase your dog's true self. It could be a playful jump, an inquisitive sniff, or a hilarious reaction to something unexpected. I'll be ready to capture these moments and create photographs that truly reflect who your dog is.

In addition to candid shots, I'll also take posed shots that highlight your dog's personality and create beautiful portraits. These shots can be more planned and structured, allowing us to showcase specific aspects of your dog's personality or capture a certain mood that you desire.

No matter the type of shot, my goal is to create photographs that capture the essence and individuality of your dog. I want you to look at the photos and see your dog's true personality shining through.

So get ready for a photoshoot filled with fun, laughter, and the authentic moments that make your dog so special. Together, we'll create lasting photographs that you can cherish for a lifetime.

When do I get to see the photos?

Within the next week, we will meet to review and select your favorite photos from the session. Together, we will go through the images and choose the ones that resonate with you the most. 

Your session fee includes a $200 credit towards printed products and I can provide guidance and suggestions based on your budget, preferences and the style of your home.

Once we have finalized your selections, I will return to my studio and begin the hand editing process. My goal is to enhance the already beautiful photos by removing distractions such as leashes and other unwanted elements. I will adjust colors, tones, and lighting to create a polished and visually stunning final artwork that results in images that you will proudly display and cherish for years to come. 

How long does it take?

Once you give your approval for the final edits and layout of your chosen product, the production process typically takes around 1-3 weeks. 

I share in your excitement and anticipation to see the final result. My goal is to present you with timeless artwork that evokes emotion and brings a smile to your face each and every time you look at it. 

Thank you for considering Moments Unleashed for this special project. I am honored to have the opportunity to bring your vision to life. 

Do you photograph Cats?

ABSOLUTELY! While cats can be more challenging subjects compared to dogs, as they tend to be more independent and have their own unique personalities, with patience, understanding, and a calm environment, it is definitely possible to capture stunning cat photos.

We will do this in the comfort and security of your home. We approach each session with patience and adaptability, allowing your cat to feel comfortable and at ease. We take as much time as needed to capture their unique quirks, traits, expressions, and one-of-a-kind personality to shine. 

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