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Moments Unleashed by Sherri Krams Photography Moments Unleashed by Sherri Krams Photography

My Dog is Asking (FAQ)

Where does this happen?  

Deciding between outdoor photography and studio photography depends on what your human envisions for your final photos and your your personality. 

Outdoor shoots offer the opportunity to incorporate the natural beauty of landscapes, utilizing colors, textures, and lighting provided by Mother Nature. It allows for capturing candid shots of you enjoying and exploring the great outdoors, truly showcasing your natural, playful self. This option is perfect for dogs who love to run around, have fun, and don't like staying in one place for too long.

On the other hand, studio photography creates a polished, timeless masterpiece. It provides a controlled environment with creative lighting techniques and the option of classic or fun themed backdrops. This choice is ideal for dogs who can stay still and pose for a bit, without getting easily distracted. Studio photography is especially beneficial when the weather doesn't permit outdoor sessions.

If you're still uncertain about which option is best for you, don't worry! Have your human call me. Together, we can determine the ideal choice and even explore the possibility of combining both options to capture a diverse range of images.

What if my human won’t let me be off leash?

No problem at all! In fact, I actually prefer you to be on leash during the session as it helps to keep you safe and focused. Additionally, in many locations, it is required by law to have dogs on leash.

During the editing phase, I will skillfully remove the leash and even the person holding your leash from the selected photos. This is a common practice in photography and part of the art of creating beautiful, leash-free images.
Rest assured the final result will be stunning images without any visual distractions.

What if I don’t know or like to listen commands?

No problem. It doesn't mean can't still be a star! With my expertise and bag of tricks as a dog photographer, I can help bring out your natural charm and capture those adorable moments that will melt your human's heart. Together, we'll create a fun and relaxed environment where you can shine, whether you know or listen to commands or not. 

What’s included in the session fee?

✔️ Pre-Session Consultation and planning
✔️ No time contrarian session for 1-2 pets and 1-2 humans. 
✔️ Custom location of your choosing
✔️ Minimum viewing of min 20-30 proofs (typically more)
✔️ Personal Viewing & Ordering Appointment
✔️ Assistance with Selection of custom print and art products*
✔️ Three professionally edited 8x10 matted prints and corresponding digital file. 
✔️ Digital files of all purchased images
✔️ $200 gift card for the purchase of wall groupings or hard cover albums. 
✔️ Delicious, healthy pet treats and special gift for you
✔️ Lifetime memories!

What if I can't make it to my scheduled session or the weather doesn’t cooperate. 

No problem! Life happens. And in Florida, we know weather happens. Just let me know as soon as possible and we can reschedule. Session fees are non-refundable but we can reschedule for another date. 

Do I need to bring anything special to the session?

You don’t have to bring anything, I'll have healthy tasty treats and toys to give you a fun experience and grab your attention.
However, If you have specifically favorite treat and toys, I  recommend you to bring them.

What to wear?

Have your human dress comfy. We will probably be walking and playing quite a bit. Since I'll be holding my camera (and probably treats and toys!), I may need your human to hold your leash and be with us during the session. If they plan to be in photos with you, they should dress accordingly and we will discuss this at consultation. 

If your human typically dresses you, then by all means let’s get some shots in your favorite outfit, bandanna, or collar. I usually will advise you not to wear a harness as it can be distracting, but if you wear one 24/7 and that’s the way you are seen in it, then by all means, yes. It’s all about the way you want to seen.

What if I refuse to cooperate? 

Don't worry, I completely understand that not all pets are comfortable in front of the camera or may be uncooperative during a photoshoot. As a professional with 10+ years of experience photographing dogs and cats, I have encountered various temperaments and behaviors.

I have successfully photographed thousands of shelter and homeless animals who may not even know their own names, let alone commands like "sit" and "stay". So rest assured, you will likely be much easier to work with. However, if for some reason you are being particularly challenging and we are unable to capture the desired images during the initial session, we have a few options.

Firstly, I am more than willing to try again at a later time. Pets can have off days, just like humans, and sometimes a second session can yield better results. Secondly, if we are unable to achieve satisfactory photographs even after multiple attempts, I am happy to discuss refunding your session fee.

I want you to feel confident in our ability to capture beautiful images, and I am dedicated to working with you to ensure a successful outcome. Your satisfaction is my top priority, and together, we will create stunning memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Do you photograph Cats?

ABSOLUTELY! While cats can be more challenging subjects compared to dogs, as they tend to be more independent and have their own unique personalities, with patience, understanding, and a calm environment, it is definitely possible to capture stunning cat photos.

We will do this in the comfort and security of your home. We approach each session with patience and adaptability, allowing your cat to feel comfortable and at ease. We take as much time as needed to capture their unique quirks, traits, expressions, and one-of-a-kind personality to shine. 

The Photoshoot

On the day of our session, I will greet your pet with yummy treats and take some time to get to know each other. I want to learn their preferences and understand their personality. We will spend some time playing, snuggling, and engaging in fun interactions to create a fun, relaxed and natural environment. This will help me create connection and build trust, so that they feel at ease with me and the camera. This will let your pet know we are going to have fun, allowing them to by their true self and really shine.

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