Our pricing is unique in the world of photography. We don't believe in sales tactics or inflated prices. Instead, we offer a simple and transparent approach. We want to provide you with a hassle-free experience.


When you book a session with us, there are no hidden costs or minimum purchase requirements. The session fee includes a fantastic bonus – a ten-photo album block. Each photo is meticulously edited by our professional team and printed on high-quality fine art paper. To ensure longevity, we mount them on solid styrene, preventing any bending or warping.


Album blocks are our pride and joy. Unlike traditional albums that often gather dust on a shelf, these unique display options allow you to showcase your cherished images openly. It's like having a gallery right in your home. You can easily switch and rotate the front photo, keeping your display fresh and exciting.


For only $499.00, the session fee covers everything, including the album block and digital copies of your photos. We happily accommodate up to two animals and two family members. If you have more furry friends or additional family members, we can discuss options for a small extra charge. Whether you prefer a studio shoot or a location shoot, we are flexible to meet your needs. Let's have a conversation and determine what works best for you.


We don't believe in time limits during our sessions. We will shoot until we are confident that we have captured an abundance of poses and looks. Our goal is to provide you with a wide selection of photos that will bring you joy for a lifetime.


Look at this cool Album Block